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The M6 Tolna Motorway Concession Ltd.

The M6 Tolna Motorway connects the towns of Dunaújváros and Szekszárd and forms part of the Public Private Partnership (PPP) program of the Hungarian State in order to connect the cities Budapest and Pécs.

Since December 2015 the new shareholders of M6 Tolna Autópálya Koncessziós Zrt. are: Aberdeen Asset Management, EBRD and Egis. The Concessionaire was founded in 2008 by Bilfinger Project Investments GmbH, Porr Infrastruktur GmbH and Egis. The task of the M6 Tolna Motorway Concession Ltd. is to finance, design, construct, operate and maintain the M6 Motorway between Dunaújváros and Szekszárd until 2038.

The Motorway was opened for traffic on 31 March 2010.

The members of the board of directors of the M6 Tolna Autópálya Koncessziós Zrt. are Mr. Marc Hörnig as the Chairman, Mr. Örs Belle and Mr. Zsolt Fáskerti.

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  • M6 Tolna Holding GmbH (owned by Aberdeen Asset Management and EBRD)
  • M6 Tolna B.V. (owned by Aberdeen Asset Management and EBRD)
  • Egis Projects SA

Representative of the State

  • Ministry of National Development (NFM)

Technical representative of the State

  • National Infrastructure Development Ltd. (NIF)


  • M6 Tolna Üzemeltető Kft. established by: Egis, Porr, Bilfinger Berger and Asfinag

Independent Engineer

  • Transinvest
  • Metrober
  • Utiber


  • A. Porr AG
  • Bilfinger Berger AG

Financing partners

  • Structured Finance facility of € 200m by EIB
Senior Term Loan Facility of € 247m by a consortium of commercial banks:
  • SMBC
  • DekaBank
  • DZ Bank
  • Commerzbank
  • Depfa Bank
  • Raiffeisen Landesbank
  • BayernLB
  • Erste Bank
  • MKB Bank
  • Caja Madrid
The Concession Area of the M6 Project includes the section of the M6 from Érdi Tető to Dunaújváros plus a stretch of the M8 motorway from the motorway interchange with the M6 towards the new Danube bridge south of Dunaújváros. On total these are:
  • 58,6 km of motorway
  • ten interchanges
  • one motorway cross between M6 and the M8
  • 60 bridges
  • one Operation and Maintenance Centre
  • two complex and two simple rest areas in each direction
  • numerous side roads
  • 15 round abouts, 5 along national road 10 along local roads in order to enable the access to the motorway
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How many Petrol Stations are there on this section of M6 Motorway and where?

There are two Petrol Stations between Dunaújváros and Szekszárd:
  • At chainage 108+400, in complex rest area of Paks, Mobil Petrol
  • At chainage 134+200, in complex rest area of Fácánkert, Mol

How long did the construction period take?

The construction took 24 months, from September 2008 till September 2010, but the main works have already been finished by March 2010 with the Interim Completion so the motorway was opened only 18 months after the construction works are started.

How much earth had to be moved?

Alltogether 12 880 000 m3 had been moved.

Where is the Operation and Maintenance Centre?

The Operation and Maintenance Centre on M6 Motorway between Dunaújváros and Szekszárd is at 123 km section near Tengelic.

What are the elements of the environmental monitoring network?

The monitoring system must cover all essential environmental elements, namely:
  • Air quality
  • Soil quality
  • Water quality: ground water, surface water
  • Water flowing to the ditch from the pavement
  • Noise pollution
  • Nature Flora: changing in number and quality of vegetation, contents of heavy metals in vegetation
  • Fauna: changing in number and quality of fauna, evaluation of using the game and amphibian crossing
The monitoring system controls also the effect of enviromental protection measures (e.g. noise barriers, game crossings)


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